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We request you to take the required measurements very carefully, as we cannot accept responsibility for measurements not taken from us. (No exchange of custom-tailored Jump Suits possible.)

  • The following pictures, which you can click to get a bigger view, will teach you the corresponding, exactly positions of each individual measuring point.
  • Please make sure on the position and place of each individual measuring point.
  • Take measurements on normal upright and relaxed body position.
  • Measure exactly and without any kind of addition.
  • Transfer the measured value of each measuring point into the field of the corresponding number in the measurement-form.
The position of measuring point no. 4 (Circumference of waist) is the key-point of the total symmetry of the suit. After measuring the value of this point, please keep the measuring-tape in this position. Take a pencil and make some little mark exactly below the measuring-tape on the left and right side (1 cm above the hips-bones), as well as on the middle of the back (backbone).
Later this markings will be a kind of a base to measure the points no. 13, 14 and 15 and will avoid to overlapp any of this points.

Measuring points 1 - 25

During production of your suit, we will treat your below measurements as careful as possible. Nevertheless, ordering a PRO Jump model is not a guarantee that in case of a FIS fitting control the suit will pass it without any objection. May some alteration will be still necessary on certain points.

(Click the images to enlarge!)

Masspunkt 1 Masspunkte 2-4 Masspunkt 5
Masspunkte 6-9 Masspunkte 10-12 Masspunkt 13+14
Masspunkt 13+14 Masspunkt 15 Masspunkt 17
Masspunkt 18 Masspunkt 19 Masspunkt 20
Masspunkte 20-21 Masspunkt 22  

Please fill in your measurements!
1 Total height (without shoes)  cm  
2 Chest circumference  cm
3 Width under bust  cm
4 Waist circumference  cm
5 Butt circumference  cm
6 Upper Thigh circumference  cm
7 Circumference round middle of thigh  cm
8 Knee circumference  cm
9 Calf circumference  cm
10 Biceps circumference  cm
11 Lower arm circumference  cm
12 Wrist circumference  cm
13 Height of waist (arm pit to waist line)  cm
14 Side length to ground  cm
15 Back length  cm
16 Arm length with shoulder  cm
17 Inner sleeve length (FIS)  cm
18 Length of lower arm to wrist  cm
19 Crotch length to ground (FIS)  cm
20 Knee distance to ground  cm
21 Calf distance to ground  cm
22 Front height of upper body  cm
Please select your colors and details:
  Solid color
  Body/Sleeves Body:

  Front/Back Frontsuit:

SUIT-PROTECTOR: (23,80 Euro)

Select Typ / FIS-Rules: *
The suit needs to fulfill the new FIS-rules
(Body size + 4 cm)

The suit should have an addition of 6 cm in width

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